About Curis Functional Health

Curis Functional Health, previously titled Northend Chiropractic Center, has been one of Colorado Springs’ most recommended alternative health care facilities since 1999. With over 50 years of combined Chiropractic experience you are certain to feel comfortable & confident with either one of our three doctors.

Our carefully developed staff is vital to allowing you the ultimate patient experience. You can rest assured that our team will find the earliest appointment time available along with provide you all the details of your insurance benefits as well. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you, your family, and all of your friends.

Our Philosophy

Curis Functional Health is committed to providing a unique and desirable healthcare experience. We invite each patient to partner with our doctors to create a shared mission and be an active participant in their wellness. We expect that honest, productive education on healthcare practices will motive our patients to collaborate with us on their health journey.

Our Promise

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to help our clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.


From immediate relief to long-term wellness, we empower every patient to live better through a partnership of compassionate, holistic, chiropractic, wellness care.


From the first step into our office, through each visit and treatment given, we strive to make sure every patient encounter is done with excellence. We expect high quality, thorough solutions from our doctors and staff members and utilize the latest research and innovative services to deliver exceptional care.


We are not content to treat our patients as customers. We desire to build a personal relationship with each person that visits our office, hoping to eventually call them “friend”. In our ideal relationship, our expertise addresses the physical needs of the patient, while personal relationships meet their physchological and emotional needs. We commit to both. It is a priority that we make each patient feel valued, known, recognized and cared for.


We desire that each patient feels like they are part of the Curis Functional Health family. We are comfortable, relaxed , protective and caring so each patient feels calm, reassured and peaceful. We anticipate our patients will feel excited and hopeful for successful, long-term wellness and motivate to continue to take care of themselves.

Dr. Caleb White
Dr. Caleb WhiteOwner
Dr. Caleb White is a 2007 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and a 2003 graduate of Pittsburg State University. After an internship at the VA hospital in Kansas City, he moved, with his wife Megan, to Colorado Springs and became the Clinical director of Northeast Chiropractic Center.
Dr. Sonja Kenyon
Dr. Sonja KenyonOwner
Dr. Sonja Kenyon graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1999. Dr. Kenyon grew up in Colorado, and moved back to Colorado Springs after graduation. Dr. Kenyon has been a chiropractor at Northeast Chiropractic since January 2000.
Dr. Tim Christopherson
Dr. Tim ChristophersonOwner
Dr. Christopherson is committed to creating a environment that is comforting and provides patients with long term results. His philosophy and approach is geared specifically on the patients’ goals and desires, not his own agenda, and his charismatic and pleasant personality ensure a relaxed environment.