Functional Rehabilitation 

At NorthEnd, our team of experts has profound experience in the field of functional rehabilitation.

Functional rehabilitation is a restoration program that is designed to provide a comprehensive treatment of an injury. Unlike traditional physical therapy, functional therapy at our clinic treats with a goal of returning you to full physical condition just like you were before the injury.

Research continues to support the fact that patients with chronic pain function better and improve faster with increased activity. The purpose of the rehab exercises conducted by our experts is to restore proper range of motion and function in joints and muscles that are injured.

Physical Examination

Our team of experts know that an in-depth examination is the foundation of functional rehabilitation. We perform a neurological assessment that includes muscle stretch reflexes, and manual muscle testing. In addition, we carry out a functional physical examination to evaluate your posture, balance, gait, muscle control and body stabilization. This includes: symmetry of landmarks like shoulder height and iliac crests.

Functional Assessment 

At NorthEnd, we perform a functional assessment that incorporates the identification of tissue injury complex, clinical symptom complex, functional biomechanical deficits, functional adaptation complex, and the tissue overload complex.


We believe that accurate diagnosis is mandatory to facilitate proper rehabilitation. While functional rehabilitation lends itself to functional diagnostic methods, imaging helps to make certain specific pathologies. 

If necessary, our experts use X-ray which are most useful in imaging bony [ossified] or calcified structures, while MRI will provide high-resolution imaging of soft tissue structures without ionizing radiation.

At NorthEnd, we offer the following methods of functional rehab.

Tissue Sparing Techniques

  • Aims to prevent further injury.
  • Helps to prevent aggravation of your condition.

Spinal Stabilization

  • We give you improved physical performance through effective transfer of power and a decrease in wasted movements.

Gait Mechanics Evaluation

For patients taking part in athletics with repetitive stress, we perform a running gait evaluation to aid in their rehab.

At NorthEnd, our rehab program is designed to address the natural strength deficits and structural weaknesses in our patients. We aim to not only enhance recovery to your former fit condition, but also enhance return to your career and natural talents like sports.

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