Interferential Therapy

For decades, interferential therapy has been commonly utilized during the acute stage of a new injury. We use four electrodes, two for each circuit, to generate a current within your tissues that stimulate an endorphin response within the body to help reduce pain levels and further relax muscle spasms and strains.

To produce low-frequency effects at sufficient intensity at depth, patients can undergo discomfort in the skin, this is a result of the impedance of the skin being inversely proportional to the frequency of stimulation. This means that the lower the stimulation frequency, the greater the impedance to the passage of the current, therefore, more discomfort is experienced as the current is passed into the tissue against this barrier.

The effect of tissue stimulation with medium frequency currents is yet to be established. However, it is less likely to do any harm at all.

By careful manipulation of the input currents, our experts can achieve any beat frequency they need to use clinically.

Why You Need Our Interferential Therapy

Pain Relief

Our team performs electrical stimulation for pain relief among other clinical uses. Lately, studies have proven the ability of IFT to considerably relieve pain.

Muscle Stimulation

At Curis Functional Health, we achieve stimulation of motor muscles by use of a wide range of frequencies. Simulation at a low frequency, like 1Hz, results in a series of muscular twitches, a higher frequency at 50Hz causes tetanic contraction [muscle spasm].

We choose treatment parameters depending on the desired effect. The most effective motor simulation range with IFT is achieved between approximately 10 and 20 Hz. 

We remain cautious when employing IFT as a way of generating clinical levels of muscle contraction since muscles have to remain active within the process.

Blood Flow

Most of the work done involves laboratory simulations on asymptomatic subjects and most blood flow is superficial- skin blood flow.

Following the current evidence, IFT helps the local flow of blood through muscle simulation mode and we use 10-20 or 10-25Hz frequency sweep options to achieve this.


IFT is claimed to be an effective method of treating and promoting the reabsorption of edema in the tissues. We achieve this by prompting local muscle contractions which when combined with local vascular changes, result in reabsorption of tissue fluid.

Our modern machines offer frequencies of 1-150Hz and also a choice of up to 250Hz or more as need be. Our experts are not concerned with the input frequencies, but rather with the appropriate beat frequency selected directly from the machine.

Physiological Effects and Clinical Application

It is suggested that IFT works in a “unique way” because rather than being a normal simulation, it is interferential. Evidence for this unique effect cannot be measured physically.

Our clinical application of IFT therapy is based on the peripheral nerve stimulation [frequency] data. Much of this data is generated from research with other modalities, and its application to IFT is assumed rather than proven.

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