Intersegmental Traction [IST]

Intersegmental traction tables are an effective way of restoring motion to your spinal joints. This passive approach stimulates the exchange of fluids and nutrients through agreeable small movements, which help in reducing fixations within the spinal column.

Here at Curis Functional Health, a chiropractic clinic, we use intersegmental traction tables as a treatment therapy for many of our patients.

These tables sometimes referred to as roller tables, we use them in chiropractic care to help our patients restore the natural movement of the spine in a gentle way. IST tables help relax the muscles and soft tissues around the spine to reduce muscle spasm and ease discomfort. This table also helps the recovery of patients with back injuries.

We lay our chiropractic patients on IST tables prior to spinal adjustment, to enhance easier and better alignment to occur.

What is an Intersegmental Traction Table [IST]

They are tables made for patients to lay on, then a unique rolling mechanism stretches the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the spine to enhance the mobility of the joints.

This ensures better alignment and improved circulation in the spinal joints, to allow the joints to receive the nutrients they need. Damage to discs and surrounding tissues can be caused by misaligned bones, resulting in complications in the long run. IST tables also help with posture by making it easier for our patients to sit straight since muscles around the spine get relaxed, with tendons and ligaments lightly stretched.

At Curis Functional Health, our IST tables provide effective treatment for many back conditions like car accident injuries, whiplash, muscle spasm, pinched nerves, sciatica, herniated discs bulged discs among others.

Why You Need Our IST Tables

Other than assisting our patients to relax before spinal alignment, our IST table has many benefits such as:

  • Undertaking repeated treatment on our IST table continues to reestablish natural spine motion. This happens gently and effectively by reducing the frequency of muscle spasms, as well as enhancing the relaxation of your muscles.
  • All of our patients find IST tables extremely comfortable and relaxing. Our experts can adjust the table to suit your liking thus making it not only comfortable but also suits your condition.
  • As you lie on your back and the roller moves up and down your spine, you get a feeling of a mini massage that gently stretches and elongates your spine, thus improving your normal joint movement.
  • The table helps to increase your blood flow and oxygen to the spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles. This helps to improve your strength and balance naturally.

There are various ways our chiropractic experts can help you restore and improve your range of motion, recover from injuries and naturally promote healthy joint movements.

The use of an IST table, therefore, is a perfect complement for many of our corporate clients who tend to get fixated in long-term postures while on the job.

If you suffer any of the conditions discussed here, book an appointment with our experts at Curis Functional Health clinic.

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